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“This novel is awesome. Cloud Of Lies interlaces current issues facing the United States: Cyber issues, government overreach, national security issues, fraud, and data privacy. This talented author takes you around the globe and makes you feel like you are front and center to all the action. As a former FBI Special Agent and Chief Division Counsel, it was this type of fact pattern that kept me up at night. I have contacted the author to ask when it will appear on the Big Screen. It’s that good!!!”

Victor Hartman – former FBI Special Agent and Chief Division Counsel

“The way Hilsen weaved the plot together with character development, vivid descriptions, and dialogue was top notch. Once I started reading, I had a hard time putting the book down it was so gripping.”

Howard Scheck – former Chief Accountant, Securities & Exchange Commission Divsion of Enforcement

“Scott’s tale of crime, deceit and technology will keep you on the edge of your seat. I look forward to his next book.”

Leslie Zacks – General Counsel, Arbor Pharmaceuticals

“Scott’s second outing seems to have been taken from the front pages of the world’s most famous newspapers and the deepest, darkest caves of government skullduggery. Another excellent effort, and an extraordinarily potent portent of things to come if … we continue down the current path.”

John B. Williams

“If you read only one book on the Cloud and new technologies and the issues surrounding cyber security, read Cloud of Lies. Scott’s writing is comprehensive yet concise, clearly presented and readable, fundamental and basic. Scott has a winner, the best down-to-earth suspense novel I’ve read in a long time. Congratulations, Scott.”

Joanne C. Sarkees

“I enjoyed this book! Description of fraud investigation techniques is very real. It was a challenge at the beginning to keep up with back and forth between past and present but then I settled into the pattern and it worked. I found myself liking the protagonist even though he made some bad decisions. Would recommend.”

Laurie Dyke

“Very interesting and easy to read thriller! The topic of government spying on US citizens is timely and relevant is today’s world. I highly recommend this book!”

Thomas M. Maxwell

“Another great suspense novel by Scott Hilsen. I enjoyed the technical aspects of the story as well as the vivid backdrops. A page turner!”

Sierra Nicholson

“Scott Hilsen does a wonderful job with Cloud of Lies. Suspenseful, intriguing, thought provoking and overall a great read. Keep the great character development coming!”

Scott Arlotta