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When a conservative bank delves into the ethereal world of internet commerce, it gets entangled in a web of deceit, organized crime, and online adult entertainment. After a surprise fraud investigation uncovers a connection between the bank and the Russian Mafia, the investigation suddenly turns into a dangerous race against the clock to expose the fraud and to save the bank from financial ruin. From Andorra in the Pyrenees Mountains to Antigua in the Caribbean Sea, Fraudulent Intention$ twists and turns around the shadowy world of white collar crime.



Cirrus Corporation is a cloud computing company that also is covertly running a top secret operation for the Defense Intelligence Agency called Project Ferret, which electronically scours private data in “the cloud” to root out terrorists.  When a mysterious person called The Truth accuses Cirrus of financial fraud, the company hires Ryan Thorne, a corporate spy with a checkered past, to conceal Project Ferret from an ambitious female lawyer who is investigating the fraud.  But when Ryan discovers that the project is being manipulated for political blackmail, he has to decide whether to continue deceiving her or to expose the conspiracy and risk his life.